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*Provocation > Disuission > $ invest get the most out of that

*Consult > Scary,shut down, time faec on, The out come if not change

, subjective, peope forget the consultation.

*What kind of relationship between you and the lecture



I think Consultation it’s a hard topic for myself

because i am very shy to talk with people in English.

Becoz there are many resons. sigh……..

Also, Sometime i dont believe consultation is important for us, because

sometime, after you talk people still can not telling your answer.

It is really really annoyed.

Jeremy Yuille by Mail

…sitting here thinking of catching zzz’s on the holiday, i wanted
to add a few remarks to adam and Lan’s “barbeque stoppers” – rather
than talk about the content and process of the commdesign program,
i’d like to address *this conversation itself*, and the arena it is
held in.

firstly, Lan – well done! this kind of public discourse has been a
while coming in this arena and i’m not alone in thinking you’ve done
your program a favour in communicating one perspective on an integral
aspect of the program.

and Adam, your retort is, as usual, both steadfast, lucid and cogent.
i’m with you on most of it, but wonder if the urge to take the
discussion to a more sheltered space is a good one?

i’d definitely like to take part in this conversation:
– whether we’re aware or not, education, and its methods is a HUGE
current issue in the design world. I’d like to think we are part of
that world, and have something to talk about with others…

but i’d also like to hear a bit more ***from other students*** too

also – these email fora are just as much a place to discuss ideas as
any other – in fact a great deal of global discussion on design ideas
happens via email ists like this – just check out the 9 years of
(publicly searchable) discussion at:

in addition to this – i’d probably offer another cool read for those
of you who (like me) might find schön heavy going .. check out Kees
Dorst’s “Understanding Design”

Kees recently started as Professor of Design at UTS, and this book is
not only a great discussion of many issues in design today, it’s also
easy to read, conceptually rich, and well typeset.