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The Discovery of Global Warming February 28, 2007

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Intriduction: A Hyperlinked History of Climate Change Science

There are some notes about Global Warming.
Our planet and species, which hangs in the blance as the great carbon mystery unfolds at a seemingly glacial pace.“D. Schindler”
Everything from volcanoes to factories shape our winds and rains. The scientific research itself was shaped by many influences, from popular misconceptions to government funding, all happening at ince.
From ancient times people suspected that human activity could change the climate.
As humanity burned fossil fuels asuch as coal, which added carbon dioxide gas to the Earth’s atmosphere, we would raise the planet’s average temperature.

This finding was reinforced by computer models of the general circulation of the atmosphere, the fruit of a long effort to learn how to predict the weather.

Scientists pointed out that human activity was putting dust and smog particles into the atmosphere, where they could block sunlight and cool the world.

The mass media were confused, sometimes predicting a balmy blobe with coastal areas flooded as the ice caps melted, sometimes warning of the prospect of a catastrophic new ice age.

They announced that although the climate system was so complex that scientists would never reach complete certainty, it was much more likely than nnot that out civilization faced severe global warming.
At that point the discovery of global warming was essentially completed.

Scientific advances have confirmd that we are fast approaching one of the most challenges out civilzation has ever faced. Improved computer models and an abundance of data have strebgthened the intergovernmentaal panel’s conclusion that several degrees of warming are likely within this century.

It tells that human activities would change climate getting hot or more disaster, How do we do that can helps reducing global warming? Firstly, recycling, such as seprate paper, cans, bottles, broken furniture, battery…ect. Why? because that can reduce poulltion, energy and capacity so Global wouldnot warming that so fast. Also people cna do planting more plans more helps world.