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Mail-Reflection May 24, 2007

Filed under: Mail-Reflection — magila @ 9:26 am

There are some things I would like to talk about in my reflection, what I have learn in this project,   

what do I think about this: is it really helpful or not and what do I hope for in my future.

Firstly, I fine the way to work in a small group, something we disagree a lot but finally we all can figure

out together and work on it. I am quite happy to work in a group because we can share information

together, discuses the problem together, talking, drinking and eating together, it just like we are trying and

learning how to be together as a good team. I learn a lot something which we work together and I am

very glad that we can be YA team. On the other and, I learn a lot about my project when I first time got

our brief I though this will be very boring subject but in end I found I am quite happy that I learn more

about my home, my country and my earth. I found it is very useful value for our future we figure out how

can we help our earth by simple and how do we communicate to other people. Also I lean more about

SAVE and RECYCLE those things I am not very care before, but nowadays I realize that small things

can also be powerful.

Then, I think our reflection work is quite successful because everything we learn is all when we are child,

I believe that if people start or build our knowledge when we are little, people will more care and pay

attenuation on this topic, since when I a little actually there is non people like to talk about this topic

because people do not want to believe this is true and people do think it is really being serious topic by

the way it is no thing happen cause their life. So that I think if there are more information or more

resource that tells us how can we do, what is true…more.  That will really help us to face this problem

not just recover the problem since there some thing happens.

What I hope for our future, after I am quite a bit crazy to pay attention on this project because I found it

is very terrible thing are going to take our future. I only want people can pay more attenuations on it and

helping it.


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